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Tarot Card Readings by Phone

Our Online Tarot Card Readers have been carefully selected from some of the best in the UK.  You can book their services by calling the numbers above. Ask the operator if you would specifically like to talk to a Tarot Card Reader. Below we explain some of the benefits of tarot and how to get the best from your reading.

A Tarot Reading by Telephone is an intriguing way to look into your future and discover what lies ahead. We offer a superb tarot


card reading service with some of the top online tarot readers in the UK. You can now access our database of online tarot readers from this website and choose from our list of available consultants.

Reading the Tarot

Tarot Card ReadingsOnline Tarot Readings are similar to a face to face reading except the tarot reader shuffles the cards on your behalf. However you, as what we call the querant, should concentrate fully while the shuffling takes place and the cards are dealt. Our online tarot reader will then interpret the cards and what the oracle has to tell us about your destiny and your potential future.

Our online tarot readers work in different ways but in most cases they will choose a card called the significator which will either represent you, your problem or someone you want to ask the oracle about. The spread of tarot cards surrounding this card will then be interpreted to gain insight into your situation.

Some of our consultants may use reversed cards as well as standard interpretations for the cards. You can use for our online tarot readings service a general reading or to address a very specific issue. You can, for example, consult the LOVE TAROT and get special advice about relationship issues. This is a particularly popular service.

Your Tarot Reading by Phone

If you only book a short online tarot reading by phone our consultant may use a simple horseshoe spread of cards possibly just using the major trumps or arcane cards. This will give you a quick overview of your situation and what to do.

Alternatively you may opt for a more detailed online tarot reading and have a 21 card spread, the Celtic Cross spread or a spread that will give you a forecast for the whole year. But what matters is not the length of the reading but the tarot reader’s accuracy in interpreting the tarot cards – and we believe that we have some of the most accurate tarot readers in the world working with us now.

How to make the best of your tarot card reading:

How to ask your question

Before calling, it is best to have a question in mind to ask the cards but the tarot was not designed to ask yes or no questions. Most tarot card readers will tell you that it should not be used to make decisions but instead be treated as guidance to help you plan the best course for the future. The Tarot cards help you to find the best way – based upon your own free will. The way you ask a question is therefore quite important as it will determine how the cards are interpreted.

  • KEEP YOUR QUESTION REASONABLY OPEN If you have already made up your mind about what you expect to hear you may block the flow of a reading. So for example if you are worried about whether a boyfriend will come back it would be best to ask about how you can change your own situation rather than asking when will he return. Remember that destiny is ultimately in your own hands and the cards are trying to guide you on the best possible path
  • FOCUS  Your question needs to be focused but not restrictive. It is better to ask for wisdom about the best way to deal with a situation than to ask what will happen. Tarot reading should empower you to change the future in your favour. Also remember that the issue that may be troubling you may also have other influences that are affecting the situation. The tarot may make you aware of your blind spots and issues that you may not yet be aware of.
  • THINK ABOUT HOW YOU CAN CHANGE We often blame circumstances for our troubles but esoteric systems like the tarot will often bring the question back to you and show you ways that you need to change so that fortunes move in your favour. For example, asking why someone you know is in trouble with the law and focusing just on him or her and not you may actually miss the point. Perhaps, in this instance, it may be better to ask what role you can play in bringing things back to normal and how you can help make things better for them.
  • HEAR THE TRUTH Some people make the mistake of trying to reject any information that they don’t want to hear. Remember that a reading is not just a confirmation of what you WANT to hear. It is in reality an attempt to get to the truth and by thus getting to the bottom of the issues you can begin to make the necessary changes to make things right. Don’t make things fit.
  • APPROACH THE CARDS WITH A POSITIVE STATE OF MIND Approach the reading with a positive state of mind. For example asking why something hasn’t happened is self-defeating! Rather you need to ask the best way to MAKE it happen.Our online tarot readers cannot wave a magic wand to make everything better but they can empower you to help change the situation. With their help and a positive attitude from your part you will be able to approach the future with a much stronger and reassured mind. In this way you will create the conditions that allow a positive future to come your way.

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