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Celebrating the Famous Healer Harry Edwards

The Famous Healer Harry Edwards

Article from The Spiritual New about the birthday celebrations for the famous spiritualist healer Harry Edwards Did you meet or were healed by Harry Edwards? Tell us your story.

The dark history of humankind has been illuminated by those who work to bring the light of spiritual truths into that darkness – some whose own light shines more brilliantly than most. One of those great ones is beyond doubt the healer Harry Edwards.

Born on 29th May 1893, Harry Edwards passed on the 7th December 1976 after a lifetime of dedication to others, but his light still shines in the healing work that continues…

Spritualist Healer Harry EdwardsHarry Edwards said; “In trying to ascertain the actual ways and means of spiritual healing, we enter into the realm of imponderables. So long as healings take place, it may not seem so very important for us to understand the manner of their performance, but it is suggested that no avenue of thought is closed to us, neither should we close our minds to seeking knowledge and understanding. Is it that by means of prayer there comes a link-up with God’s healing ministers in spirit who are carrying out the divine purpose of using spiritual healing as a means of awakening man’s spiritual awareness? Is it by the more purposeful Spiritualist way of establishing a close mental attunement between the healer and the spirit healing minister that the healings are more effectively given? Are they both in effect the same?”

In a comment on the Church of England Archbishops’ report on Spiritualism and survival of the spirit where it says that the Church has been too cautious in its reference to the departed… Harry Edwards remarked, “It can truly be said that the power of healing is abroad in the land, as it was in those days when Jesus healed, and the words in the New Testament should be noted “many were healed” not “all were healed”.

If the Church of England was willing to have a “measure of sight”, forget its past controversies and accept the truth that healing, whilst divine in its origin, is administered within the laws of God’s healing ministers who are just as much servants of God as are the ministers of the Church, what a different picture there would be today. The churches would become a living power in the land; they would be full, for it would be possible to demonstrate spiritual healing power. Some time ago, I offered to try to develop the healing gift with twelve Church of England ministers showing them how to meditate and seek attunement with the spirit doctors, thus becoming twelve modern disciples. The only qualification I made was that they should come for the training officially from the Church. It was not taken up.

On another occasion, a dozen or more keen Methodist parsons attended a healing session in the Sanctuary in company with Dr Leslie Weatherhead, and afterwards we had a round-table talk over tea. Several of these ministers were anxious to develop the gift of healing and I made them the same offer with the same proviso, but nothing was done. Apparently it was too much to ask that any of our recognised Christian religions should officially send their ministers to be shown how to heal the sick by a Spiritualist.”

Harry Edwards’ healing ministry extended to animals too.

As he affirmed: “Spiritual healing has opened a wider spiritual concept in another way. In recent years it has been found that sicknesses with our lesser brethren – the animal kingdom – yield to spiritual healing in the same way as we do. There are indeed a number of healers who possess a special aptitude for animal healing and most other healers can heal animals too.”

“That animals respond to spiritual healing shows that they, like us, must possess a spirit self and soul. Therefore life to them does not terminate with the earthly existence.”

We all join together to send our loving thoughts to Harry Edwards who we know loves and labours still, on the anniversary of an earthly birth that has had such a healing effect on millions.