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Haunted Homes: Have you got a haunted house?

On Haunted Homes…

Article by Neris Harding from Spiritual News

It amuses me that some people do not believe in life after death and yet they are quick to say that a place is haunted or they have seen a ghost, which in itself is a contradiction.

Some people, when they die, do not know that they are dead and carry on doing the things that they normally do. I myself have been to many houses that are supposedly haunted. I ask the people in the house not to tell me anything as I do not want it to colour my thoughts. More often than not it is in their own minds. This does not mean that the people are making it up, they are genuinely concerned and can often hear a bump or a thud or something else that they do not have an answer for.

Anything that makes a noise or sound that they do not understand, becomes scary – particularly if, they’ve been watching a programme on tv sensationalizing ghostly goings on. But I have found that if you think logically about it and investigate it, you can normally find an earthly answer for it. I always say to people that, if it is still bothering you, go to your local Spiritualist Church (if you have one) or look up on the internet for Spiritualists or mediums, and ask if they could put you in touch with someone who can come and do ‘house clearing’. There is nothing to worry about as the medium will, if they do the job properly, just walk around your house quietly.

Some mediums will just come and sit down, probably in the room where the disturbance was heard and if they contact a spirit they do it with their mind. If a connection is made, the medium will send out a thought asking who they are. This may take several attempts before the spirit answers because you must bear in mind that the discarnate spirit is not used to people talking to them. It is they that have been trying to contact you so they are a bit taken back when all of a sudden you are contacting them instead of the other way round – that is why you hear the sounds and experience the disturbances.

Once contact has been established, the medium can then explain that they have passed over and they must go on to the spirit world where they will be looked after. The main trouble I find with such spirit people is they do not think they are dead, and they keep running away from their relatives or friends that have passed over – because they think they are ghosts. Nobody has told them that it is they who are ‘dead’ too.

Most people who die go straight to the spirit world. It is only one in a billion that will not accept they are dead. It is, I believe, home or the place where they liked when on the earth’s plane that can hold them back. It seems that sometimes they decided to return occasionally (after a very long time in spirit) and then don’t want to leave!

Personally I have never known someone in spirit to hurt anybody physically. Yes it is known that they can move things around, yes they can get frustrated, but wouldn’t you if your last memory of the earth was walking home and you did not know that you had died on the way. When you got home and found other people in it you would want to throw them out wouldn’t you? Not only that, if your family were still there and they ignored you (because they did not know you were there) you would get annoyed or be upset that you were being ignored.

As I say, this is one occurrence in a billion – normally when you leave the earth plane there is family or friends, or your spirit guides to take you on that first stage onward.

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