Spiritual Workers – Who is truely sincere?

Motivations of Spiritual Workers

When someone goes down the spiritual pathway of life they have to be very clear as to their motivations for doing this type of work. They should be asking themselves, “what is my intent?” Every medium and healer needs to find themselves and their own spirit first. They need to have a good look at their motives. The higher the spirituality of the worker on earth the higher the workers and guides they will attract from the spiritual realms. Like attracts like!

Mediumship is not some frivolous pastime, it can be a very important way of helping the bereaved on earth who are open to this type of communication and it also provides fantastic teachings of the hereafter through the many forms of trance work. Nowadays, as it has always been, it is very important to keep mediumship and healing at a high level and for this, the spirituality of the worker is of the utmost importance. An understanding of some of the philosophy and teachings from the sprit realms is a must for all would be mediums who are after all working ultimately for the divine spirit. All mediums and healers should be aiming to raise their vibrations as high as possible. Keep your light shining bright, aim for the highest levels of spirituality and help to give mediumship and healing the name they deserve.

Let it be that we can shine
Our inner lightness of being
Upon the earth for all to see
As the Divine Spirit above is there for me and you
And all who exist on earth and beyond

Carol Anderson
Freedom of Spirit Student

What do you think? What motive should spiritual workers have for doing this sort of work? Are most mediums free of ego and other things that may compromise their gift? Post a comment.

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