Some thoughts on Spiritualist Trance Healing

Some Thoughts on Trance Healing

Article by Lyn Guest de Swart from Spiritual News

Healing is an ancient sacred calling notwithstanding the introduction of extremely modern rules and regulations that may seem to be an attempt to reduce of the otherwise miraculous to a mundane and predominantly secular occurrence. However, the mills of God may grind slowly, but they grind exceeding small – and whatever the earthly constraints, used in God’s service, healing will manifest as a spiritual – and in Spiritualist methodology, spirit energy driven – experience for all concerned.

There are gradations of altered states of consciousness whereby the gift of spiritual healing is delivered by discarnate –disembodied – individuals who presently reside in the world of spirit. The world that interpenetrates our material universe and to which we all belong.

We are spirit beings clothed in physical organic matter generally, arranged to suit us for our current environment. Of the many dimensions or planes of existence, this one we call earth is of a particularly slow vibration and frequency that in normal operation prevents all but the slightest infraction from those others.

The term ‘supernormal’ has been used to describe the kind of experience that indicates that ‘other world’ – those other worlds – do in fact exist. Supernatural is a less positive definition – as the natural state of life and the universe defines God for most people according to all religious philosophies. It implies a condition outside of the law of cause and effect inherent in our scientific understanding of universal order and design, the forces of mayhem therefore by implication, and Godlessness.

However, although in our physical world of electro – magnetism unlike poles attract and like poles repel, like attracts like in the spiritual – and spirit only inhabited domains.

Nevertheless, cause and effect still operates on those higher – or outermost –planes of existence – and is demonstrated to affect life to an even greater extent by those more highly evolved beings when they are able to make contact with the earth plane through the altered states of consciousness of spiritual healers of any religious persuasion or none.

I refer you to the New Testament Acts (of the Apostles) Chapters 10 verses 9 and 10, and Chapter 22 verse 17. Here is recorded that Peter, who went up on the roof of his house at Jaffa (Joppa), to pray, became entranced and was given a great vision: that he spoke about that (Chapter 11 verses 5 onward) in Jerusalem. Paul also speaks of the trance state in which he saw and heard Jesus when he was in Jerusalem.

It has been noted that external spirit induces the trance condition, whose personality overshadows or dominates that of the medium.

The elevation of the mind frequency that will admit such spirit contact is indeed something that can be learned, and although trance mediums are not chosen according to ordinary human standards or strictures of belief or ‘morality’, spirituality and an ethical mindset is necessary to attract similarly posited spirit entities. The much higher and deeper consciousness that we refer to as trance, may not be noticeably different from the normal composure of the truly adept.

There are some instances of such powerful spiritual healing given in the Old Testament (2 Kings verses 10 & 11 and 1 Kings Chapter 17 verses 19 to 22) and many in the New, in every Gospel and the Acts. In Luke Chapter 6 verse 19, he said of Jesus healing by touch, “There went virtue out of him and healed them all!”

Lyn Guest de Swart

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