True Sathya Sai Baba Story


Article by Amarjit Singh Bamrah

I am grateful for my living guru and teacher who has constantly been at my side teaching me and purifying me.  A few years ago Baba appeared to me and took me to a desert dune and said,” Amarjit you wish to merge with God?”

I said, “Yes Baba, and I want to work and help other people as well.”

He said, “Come up to me but look around you. The path to God is fraught with danger and hardship. And as I looked I saw dark energies and demons standing on the side of the path to waylay me.

I said, “Baba I still want to work for humanity.”

He then vanished and the trials and tribulations started…


A lady called Yola has given permission to tell the following story.

I received a call from a lady pilot. She needed to talk and to see me. She also flies at Biggin Hill Airport. She said she had heard of our healing temple. I told her she could come and see me at the hangar . When she came she said she had a problem with lumps in the breasts and wanted help. I asked Sai Baba’s guidance. He said, “Sit with the tree and ask the elements to help you.”

I /We told our Chief Engineer, and Shonu my son, and the staff, that we were praying with the tree and to also pray. I asked Yola to take some fruit from our hangar altar and we sat under the divine tree at the rear of our hangar and offered the fruit to the tree and the elements. We pray with the tree often during the summer months as she allows a gateway to the cosmos to be opened up to help us. (The airport has just cut the divine tree down).

The branches of the tree started waving around and started creaking in the way only a tree can speak and she welcomed us in her fold.

Then Baba said,“Amarjit start the mantras.” I sang the ‘Gayatri’ mantra. Mantra power, especially Gayatri, is phenomenal. This mantra should be carved on the doors and consciousness of us all. Within it are 70 million mantras. Chant it and see the miracles. Ask me about it. Read the book ‘Healing Mantras’ by Thomas-Ashley Farrand. He explains the power of mantras and how unbelievably easy it is to tap into the mantra God energies during our working life, using mantras to obtain enlightenment easily.

This calls in all the elements of creation, and Yola felt extreme heat being generated in her chest. Baba then gave her a mantra to help her. To date the lumps have receded and when she feels a twinge she chants the mantra “Om Sai Rama Ave Maria” for healing. The doctors have cleared her of cancer.

I sang more Gayatri to ask the elements of creation to help, and Baba stood next to us and said, “Amarjit call the winds and ask the wind to help.” I said, “Baba I do not understand what you mean.”

Baba said, “Amarjit remember the book I asked you to read ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho – a fable about following your dream?

Merge with the elements Amarjit.

Speak to the air/merge with the air and ask it to merge with you.”

So me and Yola both spoke to the wind and asked it to merge with us.

What happened was amazing. The winds came and started shaking the tree and our hangar The winds rose more, and now on the other side of the hangar my Chief Engineer Ashley and staff were holding on to the aircraft as the winds were threatening to turn them upside down. Ashley started shouting. Tell Singh to stop praying. Tell Singh to stop praying, otherwise the hangar will blow down!”

Baba then said, ”Amarjit ask the wind to recede.”

So we asked the wind to recede and the wind receded.

Baba said, “Amarjit do some more mantras and merge with the rain.”

We called the rain and this rain cloud formed on top of the hangar and huge drops of rain as big as snow flakes started falling on the Biggin Hill Airfield. It was rain like we have never seen before – big floating rain flakes!

Then Baba said,”Amarjit ask the rain to stop. Chant some more mantras.”
We did more mantras, then Baba said, “Call the thunder and lightning.”

We did, and the lightning started falling on the hangar and the tree. It was truly spectacular.

Then Baba said, “Pray the lightning to recede and start the prayers.

Then Yola said,“Amarjit can you please ask God to help my daughter. She has extreme headaches and the hospital specialists cannot determine the problem.

So we prayed for her daughter and we saw her daughter’s soul appearing in front of us. God showed her to us taking drugs, which allowed a gateway to the dark side being opened up.

As, we looked God showed us in the middle of her third eye/forehead area an amazing sight; an inverted triangle with religious symbols inverted as well – we then saw demons using this as a gateway into her, and from her into others around her.. This inverted triangle was being used as a gateway for the dark beings to enter her daughter and use her as an opening to allow these dark beings to infect others around her.

Baba then said, “Do the mantras and ask the archangels to close this opening,” which they did (God bless the angels) and took the dark ones to their rightful place for healing. The girl has been touched by God and she is now doing fine, no more drugs, no more headaches.

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