Live Psychic Readings

Live Psychic Readings

A live psychic reading gives you the advice you need when you need it most.


For those of you new to our genre this FAQ is here to help you understand what we mean by a live psychic reading, what the benefits are and how charges are made for this service. You can call our live psychic readers by calling the 09058 number at the top of the page.

About our Services

Our Live Psychic and Live Tarot Readings Services are available right now for you to enjoy. You can select from our list of options and immediately be put through to the psychic, tarot reader or medium of your choice.You are charged £1.53 per minute and the cost of the call is added to your phone bill. You can get cheaper services but these services lack the expertise and professionalism of our readers.

We offer live psychic readings twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Our service is even available over the holidays with some of our readers working over the Christmas period. So if you want a reliable Live Psychic Reading Service that’s there when you need us then you’ve come to the right place.

Choosing a psychic for your reading

When you call the numbers on our site you are put through to a pool of readers. You can go with who is available now or ask the operator to put you through to the most suitable reader for your needs. We do also have another website where you can choose online for a consultation and see which readers are available now. (

Callback Options

If you live in the UK you can choose to either have a Live Psychic Reading that is charged directly to your phone bill or have the choice to pay by Credit Card and have our psychic dial you back at a time that suits you. You have a similar option if you live in Australia or live in Ireland. American callers need to use the Credit Card Option but we can usually put you straight through to one of the Live Psychics shown on the page as soon as we clear your payment.

How to use the readings guide

You will also see that as well as our “Available Now” Live Psychic Reading Services we also show a list of psychics who are “online but busy”. These psychics will be available to you soon and if you refresh the page you will see when they re-join the Live Psychics List. If you spot a psychic that you’d like to use but they’re busy you can ask our operator when they are likely to be available.

You can also click through to read the profiles of all of our practitioners – there’s a long and comprehensive list. If you are drawn to one of these you can pre-book them by credit card and our operator will arrange for them to call you at a time convenient to you.

A long list of top readers

Our services are available to most countries. An international number is published on this site ( and there are specific Toll free number for people who live in the UK or live in the USA or Australia or Ireland. This is truly an international service with a huge number of psychics and mediums to choose from.

Ask our operator about the most suitable method to use

We have a number of options for your Live Psychic Reading and our operator can advise you who is most suitable for your needs. We like to match the right psychic with the right person. Keep a note of the reader’s PIN number as you may want to use the same consultant again in the future.

Below are a few Live Reading options but you will note from the profiles on the Live Psychic Readings pages that we have a large variety of practitioners including Tarot Readers, Astrologers, Numerologists, Psychic Mediums, Channelers and more. If you are looking for a specific type of reader please do ask our operator.

A little about the methods our readers use:

  • LIVE TAROT READING – One of our tarot readers will read your cards and explain what they mean to you. Our Tarot Readers also have intuitive and psychic insight giving them the ability to see beyond the traditional meaning of the cards. Their second sight enables them to quickly understand the issues that the cards highlight and can use their psychic skills to help you unravel your problems and see the path to a better future.
  • LIVE ASTROLOGY READING – Our skilled astrologers can help you to gain insight into your relationship if you know your partner’s birth sigh. They can tell you about the ways you can get along and the areas where you’ll clash. If you have a full horoscope to hand they can also help to explain what the planets and stars are saying about your destiny. Many of our astrologers are also psychics so your reading goes much deeper than a simple computer print out ever can.
  • LIVE MEDIUMS – A psychic medium (also known as a Spiritualist medium) is a clairvoyant who has the ability to tune in to the spirit world. Just like John Edwards on the TV show Crossing Over our psychic mediums will endeavour to give you proof of the continuation of life so that you can draw comfort in the knowledge that your loved ones have survived death.

The above are just a few suggestions of the live services we have to offer. With so many skilled people working with us, we are one of the few psychic phone reading services that can offer a fully Live Psychic Reading Service 24-7. Unlike with so many organizations, you do not have to wait. We can connect you to the psychic you need NOW!!

If you have any questions about using live services please do post them below and we will be happy to provide you with some advice.

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