How to get a Psychic Reading

How to get a Psychic Reading

Although we offer psychic phone readings from this site there are other ways to get readings. Below are a few of the ways you can try to locate a real psychic. And please do add your own suggestions at the bottom of the page of how to find a genuine psychic in your area.

How to get a psychic reading in your home town or city

Finding a suitable psychic is a hit and miss affair. You can of course look in your local newspaper where you will find listings under the classified section. Unfortunately none of these psychics are vetted so you may be opening yourself up to all sorts of strange people. Avoid anyone who makes over the top claims or who offers to solve your problems by way of spells or candle burning to remove jinxes. These people will bleed you dry and cause you no end of problems.

Of course many advertising in the classified columns will be sincere practitioners but it’s the luck of the draw whether you find the right one. Your best course when looking for a psychic near to you in your hometown is to ask friends if they know of anyone they can recommend. A great many of the people consulting our telephone psychics come to us through the recommendation of satisfied clients.

On our psychic Directory Site you can also find out about how to get a psychic reading in New York, London, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Ohio, Boston, Glasgow and most major cities around the world. We also list names of psychics in New York, psychics in Kansas City, psychics in Los Angeles, psychics in London and so on… See our links page for more details

How to get a psychic reading at a Spiritualist Church

One of the safest ways to discover the psychic world is to visit a Spiritualist Church and watch the mediums at work. At a Spiritualist demonstration the medium will come to members of the congregation and give messages from the spirit world. If you are lucky you may be one of the people chosen. The vast majority of Spiritualist mediums are sincere and capable mediums. Some will give private consultations but may have travelled some distance to the church. It is likely that you will need to be prepared to travel if you want a private consultation with a Spiritualist medium.

How to get a psychic reading at a psychic fair?

For many people this is a good option and most Psychic Fairs offer a large choice of psychics, tarot readers and mediums. It is better to go early in the day because by the end of the event the psychics are likely to be very tired and unlikely to give as good a reading as when they are fresh.

How to get a psychic reading from this website

This is your easiest option and you can rest assured that you are dealing with real psychics who have been properly vetted and monitored. For your safety and peace of mind we record all of our readings and if you can ask for a copy of your reading to be supplied to you. (Make sure you ask the operator before you are put through to your psychic)

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