Free Psychic Reading Scams


There are a lot of scams out there so be careful when you take up unrealistic offers of Free Psychic Readings. Many of these services are simply there to entrap you by giving you say “Three Minutes of Absolutely Free Psychic Reading”…. Now do you really think that a psychic is going to be able to sort out your problems in three minutes of psychic phone reading?

100% Free Psychic Reading!!!!

Another title you’ll see on Google Ads is: 100% Free Psychic Reading. Again these are often scams. When you dig around on these websites the only free bit is some silly java game where the computer randomly selects tarot cards and gives you random messages. Is this the way to solve serious problems?

We feel it would be better to call this a 100% COLD Psychic Reading for you’ll get nothing sensible from this sort of thing at all. It is just a cleaver marketing trick to reel you in.

Free Psychic Phone Reading

From time to time we do give special offers of free psychic phone readings – if you are a regular customer we will give you a certain number of minutes free that you can use the next time you call. We believe that this is a fair incentive to use what we believe is a top-notch service. We do not try to bait you with unrealistic offers of free 3 minute psychic readings and so on.

Free Online Psychic Readings

We do also offer a genuine free psychic reading service too. These are not done by our professional phone psychics but we do allow novice psychics who are training in our chat room community areas to practice their readings online. They are not employed by us and they may sometimes make mistakes. They are however monitored by our volunteers so we try to set up a safe place where you can join in the online psychic experiments. And yes it really is free.

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