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Spiritualists Foresee Problems with Spiritual Healing Legislation

Spiritualists Foresee Problems with Spiritual Healing Legislation

Article from Spiritual News. Please add your comments at the bottom of the page – should healing be more regulated or are things okay as they are?

If certain trading standards offices are allowed to interpret the new legislation this is how we may have to advertise spiritual healing in the future. The following is a transcript of one individual’s interpretation of the new legislation. This comes from a trading standards office on the South Coast. Apart from showing a staggering level of ignorance is this a worrying foretaste of what is to come?

  1. By using the words heal or healer you are suggesting that you can cure, this is not an acceptable term within the new legislation unless you can give proof of such claims. Anecdotal evidence on your abilities is now not enough, you will need to be able to justify any claim you are making.
  2. You can only claim to be a Reiki Master if this is a recognised endorsement
  3. Reflexology, if you claim that it can improve and help many conditions you must be able to provide proof of it, again not just anecdotal evidence.
  4. Indian Head Massage – have you proof it promotes longevity and general well being?
  5. This law is wide ranging you must make every attempt to avoid misleading comments or omissions
  6. Sadly unless again you have absolute proof that angels exist you cannot claim they heal you. Some creative writing may be needed to the claims they can be connected to your clients.

Although many spiritual healers do not charge and so may not come within the new Consumer Protection Regulations, those who provide spiritual healing on a full time basis do have to cover their overheads and therefore do charge. If they have their own clinic they will have to keep records, have someone available to be a chaperone/receptionist, pay for heating, lighting etc. They also have to pay taxes so that our politicians can continue to live in the style to which they have become accustomed. These taxes also pay the wages of those who bring in legislation without any knowledge of the subject and the wages of those who enforce it.

Like most legislation, it is the individual interpretation that causes the problems. The way we view the world stems from our life experiences, upbringing and education. These experiences also develop and reinforce our prejudices and it is a very rare person who is able to rise above their own prejudices and make a totally unbiased judgement.

In some countries in Europe (where the new legislation came from) healing is illegal. ECHO, (European Confederation of Healing Organisations) one of the Partner Organisations of the SWA, is campaigning to get the European Parliament to make changes and recognise that healers have as much right to work in Europe as anyone else. To do this they need to demonstrate the support of over 100,000 people across Europe.

If you feel as strongly as we do about this then please join us and help us support ECHO in their campaign.

We know that many spiritual people do not believe that they should get involved in politics. However, politicians are now interfering in your lives, they are now telling you how you can work and what you should believe. Can you really justify doing nothing?

A final point – Many religions talk about angels and many mainstream religions have healing services. How soon before they too are told what they should believe or they are asked to prove their beliefs?

Carole McEntee-Taylor

Some thoughts on Spiritualist Trance Healing

Some Thoughts on Trance Healing

Article by Lyn Guest de Swart from Spiritual News

Healing is an ancient sacred calling notwithstanding the introduction of extremely modern rules and regulations that may seem to be an attempt to reduce of the otherwise miraculous to a mundane and predominantly secular occurrence. However, the mills of God may grind slowly, but they grind exceeding small – and whatever the earthly constraints, used in God’s service, healing will manifest as a spiritual – and in Spiritualist methodology, spirit energy driven – experience for all concerned.

There are gradations of altered states of consciousness whereby the gift of spiritual healing is delivered by discarnate –disembodied – individuals who presently reside in the world of spirit. The world that interpenetrates our material universe and to which we all belong.

We are spirit beings clothed in physical organic matter generally, arranged to suit us for our current environment. Of the many dimensions or planes of existence, this one we call earth is of a particularly slow vibration and frequency that in normal operation prevents all but the slightest infraction from those others.

The term ‘supernormal’ has been used to describe the kind of experience that indicates that ‘other world’ – those other worlds – do in fact exist. Supernatural is a less positive definition – as the natural state of life and the universe defines God for most people according to all religious philosophies. It implies a condition outside of the law of cause and effect inherent in our scientific understanding of universal order and design, the forces of mayhem therefore by implication, and Godlessness.

However, although in our physical world of electro – magnetism unlike poles attract and like poles repel, like attracts like in the spiritual – and spirit only inhabited domains.

Nevertheless, cause and effect still operates on those higher – or outermost –planes of existence – and is demonstrated to affect life to an even greater extent by those more highly evolved beings when they are able to make contact with the earth plane through the altered states of consciousness of spiritual healers of any religious persuasion or none.

I refer you to the New Testament Acts (of the Apostles) Chapters 10 verses 9 and 10, and Chapter 22 verse 17. Here is recorded that Peter, who went up on the roof of his house at Jaffa (Joppa), to pray, became entranced and was given a great vision: that he spoke about that (Chapter 11 verses 5 onward) in Jerusalem. Paul also speaks of the trance state in which he saw and heard Jesus when he was in Jerusalem.

It has been noted that external spirit induces the trance condition, whose personality overshadows or dominates that of the medium.

The elevation of the mind frequency that will admit such spirit contact is indeed something that can be learned, and although trance mediums are not chosen according to ordinary human standards or strictures of belief or ‘morality’, spirituality and an ethical mindset is necessary to attract similarly posited spirit entities. The much higher and deeper consciousness that we refer to as trance, may not be noticeably different from the normal composure of the truly adept.

There are some instances of such powerful spiritual healing given in the Old Testament (2 Kings verses 10 & 11 and 1 Kings Chapter 17 verses 19 to 22) and many in the New, in every Gospel and the Acts. In Luke Chapter 6 verse 19, he said of Jesus healing by touch, “There went virtue out of him and healed them all!”

Lyn Guest de Swart

Have you encountered Spiritualist Trance Healing? Please tell us your story in the comments below.

Are you a Real or Unreal Spiritualist?

Are you a Real or Unreal Spiritualist?

Asks Leslie Price (Article from Spiritual News)
Please add your own comments at the bottom of the page.

This curious question was posed years ago by a North London Spiritualist friend of mine called Edwin Butler. (He was so old he once passed a cup of tea to Sir Oliver Lodge at a meeting.) Real Spiritualists, he suggested were those who took their Spiritualist philosophy or religion neat. They had no need of extra doctrines, dogmas, trappings or affiliations,

They might be admirers of guides like Silver Birch, of mediums like Emma Hardinge Britten or books like “The Rock of Truth”. Ernest Oaten, who did the first UK radio broadcast on Spiritualism, was a fine exponent of Real Spiritualism.

Unreal Spiritualists (and by now you may appreciate that my friend Edwin was being humorous with a serious purpose) are the rest. They usually belong to some other tradition as well. They may be Christian Spiritualists, Buddhist Spiritualists and so on. Sometimes they are rather looked down on, and thought to be in need of orthodox crutches, rather than face the full implications of Spiritualist philosophy!

Edwin was an Unreal Spiritualist by his own definition. He had become a Spiritualist, and then a Christian, without ceasing to be a Spiritualist. Indeed, since his second wife was the medium Maisie Besant (who passed recently) he experienced more of Spiritualism than most people.

Needless to say, I think there is room for both Real and Unreal Spiritualists in the Movement. People are at different stages of their spiritual journey, and may be called to particular places. To argue that Real or Unreal is superior is wrong.

Notable Unreal Spiritualists include William Crookes, who was a Churchwarden in the Anglican Church; Percy Wilson sometime SNU president who was a Unitarian (today he could not join the SNU possibly); W.T. Stead who was a Congregationalist, and C.W. Leadbeater who was a Theosophist.

How about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle? Was he Real or Unreal? He obviously rejected the biblical faith, and taught “The New Revelation”. Yet he wanted Spiritualists in the SNU and elsewhere, to accept the leadership of Jesus Christ? Perhaps he was partly Real!

All this shows the limitations of labels. In any case, there have always been both Real and Unreal Spiritualists. Sometimes, one or other tendency has a boost. In the 1930s, for example, the Greater World led by Winifred Moyes forged ahead with Christian Spiritualism, while at the same time Arthur Findlay launched a powerful series of work on Real Spiritualism.

The important thing is mutual respect, regardless of label. Membership qualifications that limit applicants are quite legitimate, so long as they don’t lead to denigration of those who do not qualify. What do you think?

Leslie Price was editor of the Christian Parapsychologist for many years. He is the founding editor of Psypioneer.

What do you think? Is a Spiritualist someone who simply comes to church to get a message or should it be more about embracing the Spiritualist Philosophy?

Psychic Protection – What technique do you use?

About Psychic Protection

Article from Spiritual News

Occasionally, either through a journey in the astral or contact with people in the physical realm, it is necessary to protect or cleanse yourself psychically.

We’ve all known people who always seem to have a major crisis brewing in their lives right? What happens is that some never have learned how to maintain their own energy or draw upon natural energies to keep themselves whole and in good condition spiritually as they should.

These people continually seek out others that will allow themselves to be attached to. They use a ploy of feel sorry for me, or come to me and I will give you access to the powers of the universe or any number of other pick-up lines that can be very convincing or tug at your heart strings. Essentially, these people, while we can and do have sympathy and concern for them are psychic vampires and we need to protect ourselves.

Have you ever spent time talking with someone and afterwards felt drained and tired. Guess what? You’ve just been tapped. In the magical community, there are those who become very proficient at this skill and can attach themselves to you over great distances and maintain that attachment. The actual mechanics of it can be quite complicated to describe, so for now, just accept that it can and does happen. The same thing can happen on journeys into the astral too. If you are not focused and allow yourself to aimlessly wander in the lower levels negative entities inhabit, they can and will attach themselves to your energy centres and cause problems.

Either way, the result is that you increasingly begin to feel tired and all drug out. Your energy levels drop substantially and chaos can and will begin to occur in your life as well as the potential for growing health problems.

So how do we recognize and protect ourselves from this? Actually it’s pretty easy. First off, you need to realize that your aura and your energy are yours. No one or nothing has a right to them unless YOU give them permission to attach themselves or you open your energy centres freely.

If they attempt to attach without your permission, it IS a form of Psychic Rape and needs to be resisted strongly and without hesitation. In the astral, you simply will them away or yourself into a higher level away from these low-level entities. It works much the same way as trying to put to equal ends of magnets together. It can’t be done. If you truly want them to go away, they will.

Low-level entities in the astral will always try to attach themselves to you below the throat chakra, so this is a pretty good rule of thumb for what you may be dealing with. Higher level beings will ALWAYS offer a joining of aura and energy above the throat level. If one appears and asks or attempts to connect below the throat chakra, simply will it away or move to a higher level yourself, they cannot follow you there. The exception to this is that you’ve encountered another human travelling in the astral looking for someone to tap into. Again, your energy is your energy and no one has the right to trespass if you don’t want them to. Just say NO! And will them or yourself away. The astral is a magical place and you can make anything happen there that you will to happen with skill and practice.

The key to avoiding low-level entities in the astral is to trust your instinct and use common sense. If a contact makes you feel uncomfortable, move away and will yourself somewhere else. The purpose for astral travel is to contact guides or spiritual beings to learn and grow.

In the physical world, you can recognize psychic vampires although it is a little more difficult. People can be very clever at disguising it or they may not even realize that they are doing it. All they know is they feel bad and talking to you or spending time with you makes them feel better, so they crave being around you. You can still spend time with these people and care for their well being, just protect yourself. You can also choose to let them have a little of your energy to let them feel better, and then close off the flow. Ultimately however, it is best to not let anyone become dependent on YOUR energy so that they can feel good. It is much better to show them how to raise their own energy or draw it from mother earth and nature as we are supposed to do.

One of the simplest ways to prevent someone from tapping into your energy is to sit with your legs crossed at the ankles and then do the same with your arms or wrists or by holding your thumbs and index fingers of each hand together. This can be done very inconspicuously although you might get comments that you feel suddenly distant. What this does, is it closes your energy loop and keeps your aura and personal energy recirculation within yourself.

Contact between people should be an exchange of positive energy that makes both of you feel good about being around one another, it is a sharing of spirit and soul that benefits and energizes both of you, not just one. I bet quite a few of you are going Hmmmm, right about now… We’ve all experienced relationships like that and it can be difficult to bring them to closure especially if our hearts are involved.

In the case of an intentional psychic attack, it can be much more difficult to detect and deal with. It can happen through many avenues and if you feel or know that someone is trying to attach themselves to you. Break all contact immediately. These people, if allowed, will attach themselves to you astrally and completely drain you. They have no regard or concern about your health and well being whatsoever. They are Psychic Rapists and could care less about you and should be treated accordingly.

Actually I just kind of reverse the energy their sending back to them which makes them kick their butt in a manner of speaking. Ultimately I’m just helping them zap themselves, so my karmic slate stays clean. Sly smile…

OK, on to the meat and potatoes.

Strong visualization skills play a helpful role in this but they aren’t absolutely necessary.

Have you had cause to use Psychic Protection? What techniques do you recommend? Add your comments below:

True Sathya Sai Baba Story


Article by Amarjit Singh Bamrah

I am grateful for my living guru and teacher who has constantly been at my side teaching me and purifying me.  A few years ago Baba appeared to me and took me to a desert dune and said,” Amarjit you wish to merge with God?”

I said, “Yes Baba, and I want to work and help other people as well.”

He said, “Come up to me but look around you. The path to God is fraught with danger and hardship. And as I looked I saw dark energies and demons standing on the side of the path to waylay me.

I said, “Baba I still want to work for humanity.”

He then vanished and the trials and tribulations started…


A lady called Yola has given permission to tell the following story.

I received a call from a lady pilot. She needed to talk and to see me. She also flies at Biggin Hill Airport. She said she had heard of our healing temple. I told her she could come and see me at the hangar . When she came she said she had a problem with lumps in the breasts and wanted help. I asked Sai Baba’s guidance. He said, “Sit with the tree and ask the elements to help you.”

I /We told our Chief Engineer, and Shonu my son, and the staff, that we were praying with the tree and to also pray. I asked Yola to take some fruit from our hangar altar and we sat under the divine tree at the rear of our hangar and offered the fruit to the tree and the elements. We pray with the tree often during the summer months as she allows a gateway to the cosmos to be opened up to help us. (The airport has just cut the divine tree down).

The branches of the tree started waving around and started creaking in the way only a tree can speak and she welcomed us in her fold.

Then Baba said,“Amarjit start the mantras.” I sang the ‘Gayatri’ mantra. Mantra power, especially Gayatri, is phenomenal. This mantra should be carved on the doors and consciousness of us all. Within it are 70 million mantras. Chant it and see the miracles. Ask me about it. Read the book ‘Healing Mantras’ by Thomas-Ashley Farrand. He explains the power of mantras and how unbelievably easy it is to tap into the mantra God energies during our working life, using mantras to obtain enlightenment easily.

This calls in all the elements of creation, and Yola felt extreme heat being generated in her chest. Baba then gave her a mantra to help her. To date the lumps have receded and when she feels a twinge she chants the mantra “Om Sai Rama Ave Maria” for healing. The doctors have cleared her of cancer.

I sang more Gayatri to ask the elements of creation to help, and Baba stood next to us and said, “Amarjit call the winds and ask the wind to help.” I said, “Baba I do not understand what you mean.”

Baba said, “Amarjit remember the book I asked you to read ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho – a fable about following your dream?

Merge with the elements Amarjit.

Speak to the air/merge with the air and ask it to merge with you.”

So me and Yola both spoke to the wind and asked it to merge with us.

What happened was amazing. The winds came and started shaking the tree and our hangar The winds rose more, and now on the other side of the hangar my Chief Engineer Ashley and staff were holding on to the aircraft as the winds were threatening to turn them upside down. Ashley started shouting. Tell Singh to stop praying. Tell Singh to stop praying, otherwise the hangar will blow down!”

Baba then said, ”Amarjit ask the wind to recede.”

So we asked the wind to recede and the wind receded.

Baba said, “Amarjit do some more mantras and merge with the rain.”

We called the rain and this rain cloud formed on top of the hangar and huge drops of rain as big as snow flakes started falling on the Biggin Hill Airfield. It was rain like we have never seen before – big floating rain flakes!

Then Baba said,”Amarjit ask the rain to stop. Chant some more mantras.”
We did more mantras, then Baba said, “Call the thunder and lightning.”

We did, and the lightning started falling on the hangar and the tree. It was truly spectacular.

Then Baba said, “Pray the lightning to recede and start the prayers.

Then Yola said,“Amarjit can you please ask God to help my daughter. She has extreme headaches and the hospital specialists cannot determine the problem.

So we prayed for her daughter and we saw her daughter’s soul appearing in front of us. God showed her to us taking drugs, which allowed a gateway to the dark side being opened up.

As, we looked God showed us in the middle of her third eye/forehead area an amazing sight; an inverted triangle with religious symbols inverted as well – we then saw demons using this as a gateway into her, and from her into others around her.. This inverted triangle was being used as a gateway for the dark beings to enter her daughter and use her as an opening to allow these dark beings to infect others around her.

Baba then said, “Do the mantras and ask the archangels to close this opening,” which they did (God bless the angels) and took the dark ones to their rightful place for healing. The girl has been touched by God and she is now doing fine, no more drugs, no more headaches.

Please add your own experiences of Sathya Sai Baba below

Haunted Homes: Have you got a haunted house?

On Haunted Homes…

Article by Neris Harding from Spiritual News

It amuses me that some people do not believe in life after death and yet they are quick to say that a place is haunted or they have seen a ghost, which in itself is a contradiction.

Some people, when they die, do not know that they are dead and carry on doing the things that they normally do. I myself have been to many houses that are supposedly haunted. I ask the people in the house not to tell me anything as I do not want it to colour my thoughts. More often than not it is in their own minds. This does not mean that the people are making it up, they are genuinely concerned and can often hear a bump or a thud or something else that they do not have an answer for.

Anything that makes a noise or sound that they do not understand, becomes scary – particularly if, they’ve been watching a programme on tv sensationalizing ghostly goings on. But I have found that if you think logically about it and investigate it, you can normally find an earthly answer for it. I always say to people that, if it is still bothering you, go to your local Spiritualist Church (if you have one) or look up on the internet for Spiritualists or mediums, and ask if they could put you in touch with someone who can come and do ‘house clearing’. There is nothing to worry about as the medium will, if they do the job properly, just walk around your house quietly.

Some mediums will just come and sit down, probably in the room where the disturbance was heard and if they contact a spirit they do it with their mind. If a connection is made, the medium will send out a thought asking who they are. This may take several attempts before the spirit answers because you must bear in mind that the discarnate spirit is not used to people talking to them. It is they that have been trying to contact you so they are a bit taken back when all of a sudden you are contacting them instead of the other way round – that is why you hear the sounds and experience the disturbances.

Once contact has been established, the medium can then explain that they have passed over and they must go on to the spirit world where they will be looked after. The main trouble I find with such spirit people is they do not think they are dead, and they keep running away from their relatives or friends that have passed over – because they think they are ghosts. Nobody has told them that it is they who are ‘dead’ too.

Most people who die go straight to the spirit world. It is only one in a billion that will not accept they are dead. It is, I believe, home or the place where they liked when on the earth’s plane that can hold them back. It seems that sometimes they decided to return occasionally (after a very long time in spirit) and then don’t want to leave!

Personally I have never known someone in spirit to hurt anybody physically. Yes it is known that they can move things around, yes they can get frustrated, but wouldn’t you if your last memory of the earth was walking home and you did not know that you had died on the way. When you got home and found other people in it you would want to throw them out wouldn’t you? Not only that, if your family were still there and they ignored you (because they did not know you were there) you would get annoyed or be upset that you were being ignored.

As I say, this is one occurrence in a billion – normally when you leave the earth plane there is family or friends, or your spirit guides to take you on that first stage onward.

Have you got a haunted home? Tell us about it below:

Spiritual Workers – Who is truely sincere?

Motivations of Spiritual Workers

When someone goes down the spiritual pathway of life they have to be very clear as to their motivations for doing this type of work. They should be asking themselves, “what is my intent?” Every medium and healer needs to find themselves and their own spirit first. They need to have a good look at their motives. The higher the spirituality of the worker on earth the higher the workers and guides they will attract from the spiritual realms. Like attracts like!

Mediumship is not some frivolous pastime, it can be a very important way of helping the bereaved on earth who are open to this type of communication and it also provides fantastic teachings of the hereafter through the many forms of trance work. Nowadays, as it has always been, it is very important to keep mediumship and healing at a high level and for this, the spirituality of the worker is of the utmost importance. An understanding of some of the philosophy and teachings from the sprit realms is a must for all would be mediums who are after all working ultimately for the divine spirit. All mediums and healers should be aiming to raise their vibrations as high as possible. Keep your light shining bright, aim for the highest levels of spirituality and help to give mediumship and healing the name they deserve.

Let it be that we can shine
Our inner lightness of being
Upon the earth for all to see
As the Divine Spirit above is there for me and you
And all who exist on earth and beyond

Carol Anderson
Freedom of Spirit Student

What do you think? What motive should spiritual workers have for doing this sort of work? Are most mediums free of ego and other things that may compromise their gift? Post a comment.