What is an accurate psychic reading?

Accurate Psychic Reading

Psychic reading needs to be accurate to be of any use. But what makes for an Accurate Psychic Reading? And what factors make for better accuracy and precision in a psychic reading? Tell us about your experiences at the bottom of this page.


Psychics vary in their ability to give an accurate psychic reading. Some may be spot on and give very precise details about issues that surround you. They may be able to correctly name people influencing your life, give exact details about issues upsetting you, give meticulous details about your boyfriend or people of importance to you and give true accurate, verifiable information about issues of importance. A good psychic does not just give woolly things that could apply to just about anyone but will give accurate details that can be verified and that are faithful to the truth.

So what makes for an ACCURATE Psychic Reading?

A good psychic will not use Cold Reading techniques. So called Cold Readings use methods that encourage the sitter to accept generalized statements by the reader. If you scrutinize what has been said you will discover that the psychic is feeding back what you’ve already told them or is guessing at the truth. This clearly is not an accurate psychic reading as it does not contain verifiable information that only you know and that could not be arrived at by guess work. A properly accredited psychic reader will give you information that has a much greater accuracy, contain true facts that are exact and apply only to you.

Some points to look out for:

  • Did you tell the reader anything about yourself before the reading commenced? If so has the reader fed this information back to you
  • Has the reader given you information that could apply to just about anyone? Broad general statements may indicate that the reader is guessing.
  • Is the reader carefully watching your body language? If the reading is on the phone try not to give too much away with the tone of your voice.
  • Is the reader using flattery to get more ‘yes’ responses from you?
  • Is the reader telling you things you mentioned earlier.

An accurate psychic reader will not ask leading questions and expect you to volunteer information. He or she will get straight to the point and expect to tell you things rather than wait for you to feed back information. Unless they are specifically working with an astrological reading they are unlikely to need to ask for your star sign or to need to know a great deal of detail about the issues you need to ask about.

An real psychic reading will not be filled with silly, time wasting information such as the psychic talking about themselves and their experiences. You need to know about your situation in the limited time you pay for so our psychics tend to get straight to the point and provide you with the accurate information you need straight away.

Not all psychic phone services are as sincere as ours or as carefully selected. All of our practitioners are carefully monitored to ensure that the readings you have are top notch, truthful and faultless.

What’s the most accurate reading you have ever had? Why was it good and what things did the psychic or medium say that they could never have guessed with ‘cold reading’?

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