Spiritualist Readings

Spiritualist Readings (AKA Psychic Mediums Readings)

Nowadays many practitioners call themselves a psychic medium. This term is used to identify someone who can work both as a psychic and a medium. We will now explain the difference so that you are aware of what you are booking if you opt for a psychic medium phone reading.


Mediums are usually – but not always – members of a Spiritualist Church and most probably have trained and practiced within Spiritualism. When you call our services you have the option to speak to either a psychic or a medium. Here we explain the differences.

What is a ‘Psychic’?

A psychic is a word usually used to describe someone who can use his or her clairvoyant skills to help you with your life issues. For example, a psychic may be able to tune into you from a distance and while talking with you on the phone will be able to help you with issues that are troubling you. A psychic may give you insight into things such as your love life, your career, work issues and so on. They will help you to see the way ahead and give you guidance about what to do.

What is a ‘Medium’?

A MEDIUM is a person who has the ability to link with the spirit world. Sometimes they are called SPIRITUALIST MEDIUMS as most mediums have either been trained within the religion of Spiritualism or continue to demonstrate in Spiritualist Churches. (You can find these in the UK, USA and Australia)

What is a ‘Psychic Medium’?

A PSYCHIC MEDIUM refers to a medium who also has the ability to look into other aspects of your situation – such as your way forward. Most Psychic Mediums do not believe that the future is set as Spiritualism believes that we all have free will and that therefore the future is decided not by our Fate but by the choices we make.

Benefits of a Spiritualist Readings

A Spiritualist Reading will mainly provide you with proof that we survive death. For example you may have seen mediums such as John Edward, James Van Praagh and in the UK Craig & Jane Hamilton-Parker demonstrating on television. A private one-to-one Psychic Medium Reading works in a similar way in that you are given information and a description of your loved one in the spirit world to prove to you that they have survived death. This of course can be very comforting for the bereaved and it is of course essential that you have a trustworthy, safe reader, of good reputation and character who can help you with these very sensitive issues.

Booking a Spiritualist Medium Reading

If it is your first time making contact with the spirit world it may be worth familiarising yourself with how mediumship works. What you see on TV is often edited to make the programme more interesting for the viewer – so you don’t see the long pauses and the way the reading develops. In a real life mediumistic reading the communication usually builds gradually. The psychic medium may start his reading by telling you about how your loved one crossed over, may pick up details about their personality and will reveal things that only you and the spirit communicator knows about. Taken together this will give you proof of life after death.

Psychic Medium Readings involve a combination of what we call Clairsentience – sensing spirit, Clairvoyance – seeing spirit and Clairaudience – hearing spirit. The psychic medium reading will usually begin with the medium sensing things about the spirit communicator – they may for example tell you lots of information about who they are, what they did, and include little anecdotes and stories about memories you share together. But the names may take a while longer to come through.

All, of our practitioners are genuine mediums, there is no cheating or Googling your name for information. They do not channel guides that cannot be proven. What you get is real, uplifting mediumship given in a way that will help you to know for certain that there is indeed life after death.

Getting a Spiritualist message for free

You can also get readings for free by visiting your local Spiritualist Church. Here you will see spiritualist mediums working with the congregation and may get a message yourself. This can be tremendously comforting and is a good first step if you are bereaved. Of course there is no guarantee that the medium will come to you with a personal message but it will give you a good idea about how it works before you book a private reading either with our phone psychics, with Craig or by asking the medium’s secretary if the demonstrating medium gives private readings.

Ask about the right reading for you

If you are uncertain about what happens or think you need a different sort of reading do please ask our telephone receptionist for advice about the most suitable reading for you. When you call you can ask the operator about which of the readers are mediums or Spiritualists and book or be put through to the most suitable exponent.

Do not be afraid to ask – we want you to get the very best from your Spiritualist Readings.

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